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The Team

Glen Travers – Co-Founder & Executive Chairman: Glen has 25 years of experience in building and managing healthcare companies, successfully taking several diagnostic and therapeutic products through development to the market, some of which were developed in collaboration with multinational pharmaceutical partners. In addition, Glen is experienced in international fundraising, has been a Board member of various public and international Boards and served as Executive Chairman of Cortecs Ltd., a company listed on both the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Dr. Roger New – Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Director: Roger is a distinguished scientist with a background in biochemistry and immunology. During his 30 years of experience in drug delivery, he has invented three novel systems for the oral delivery of insulin, gaining the first positive human results ever observed in patients with type 1 diabetes. Previously, Roger served as Head of Research at Cortecs Ltd. and as a senior research scientist at Biocompatibles Ltd. He is the author of many patents in areas of pharmaceutics, diagnostics and microbiology, a world-recognised expert in liposomes and author of a seminal reference book.

Timothy Broke-Smith - Chief Business Officer / Chief Operating Officer: Business/corporate development and operations executive that has completed international outlicensing/partnering deals. Experience across drug development from early research, IP protection, through manufacturing/CMC, to managing preparation and completion of phase II clinical studies, regulators and audit. COO of biotech group. Timothy has a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise from Cambridge University and a Bachelors in Biology from Imperial College London.

Dr. Anthony Lockett – Consultant Medical Director: Anthony is a Medical Doctor and microbiologist with 20 years of experience in medicine and clinical drug development, with a focus on endocrinology, oncology and immunology. He has been actively involved in planning and overseeing over 50 clinical trials and has acted as the Medical Director of 14 clinical trials in diabetes and obesity. Anthony has previously worked for the UK Department of Health and been Senior Medical Adviser at Covance. Anthony is a leader of the special interest group in risk management for the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research and a frequent speaker and author on the subject of risk management in clinical research.